Industrial surface treatments, wet painting, powder coating and silk screen printing with 30 years of experience.



Jollmax Coating Oy offers powder coating on a modern and efficient production line.
The pre-treatment process is a 5-step washing process, including degreasing, rinsing, and a
nanoceramic conversion coating which provides the best adhesion in an environmentally friendly manner.

The largest piece that can be painted is 2700 mm * 700 mm * 1550 mm (L * W * H). Plates and
tubular products can have a maximum length of 3000 mm.

Powder coating is an eco-friendly alternative and adds value to the product due to its many features.


We have decades of experience in wet painting. Our solid experience and expertise are the
foundation of our operations.

We can paint almost any kind of materials. We specialize in painting plastics, steel and aluminum.

We have five cabinets for painting by hand, a clean room with two painting areas and a robotic line
for large volumes. Robotic line painting is carried out by two tireless robots. The maximum size for
the robot line is 400 mm * 50 mm * 200 mm (height * depth * width).

We also provide other painting-related services such as grinding, protection and assembly work. 

Surface treatment consulting with decades of experience.

In addition, we ca offer comprehensive solutions for our customers from pre-processing to logistics through our diverse network such as 

  • Chemical and electrochemical surface treatments, including aluminium anodizing and chromium-free conversion coatings

  • Galvanizing 


Tampon printing

Tampon printing can be done on a wide variety of shapes, both concave and curved. We are able to print on different sized products with single color or multi-colored. Prints can be made on various surfaces such as plastic, metal or coated products.

Silk screen printing 

The silk screen method is mainly used for flat surfaces. Printing can be done on variety of materials, such as plastic and metal surfaces and various coated products. We can print with single color and multi-colored.

Laser marking

Laser marking is an elegant way to mark products. Laser marking is suitable for different surfaces – especially for glass, metal and wood. We can help you with larger series and business gifts.